Triad Speaker On-Wall Bronze Surround

Triad Speaker On-Wall Bronze Surround

Never before has Triad offered such a reasonably priced and unique solution to the problem of integrating surround sound into a home theater environment. The OnWall Bronze Surround was designed to provide an enveloping surround field when used with better A/V receivers in moderately sized rooms, with both analog and digital sources. While the default configuration is bipole, you can specify your Bronze Surrounds as dipoles if you wish, as they are built-to-order in America, especially for you.

This compact surround speaker is available in either black or white, and can be custom paint matched to your environment by Triad for truly invisible sound. When used with Bronze LCRs and Triad Subs, the OnWall Bronze Surround completes the perfect home theater and music system for the enthusiast on a budget.


  • Bipole design. Dipole versions available.
  • Compact Design.
  • Triad AcoustiPerf metal grill.


Recommended Amp Power:

25 – 125 watts



6 ohms



84 dB (1 watt/ 1 meter)


Anechoic Frequency Response:

80 Hz – 20 kHz


Tweeter Type:

Broad Dispersion Polycone


Tweeter Size:

(2) 3″ (7.6 cm)


Woofer Type:

Paper/ fiber blend


Woofer Size:

(1) 5 1/4″ (14 cm)



Height: 13 1/8″ (30.4 cm)

Width: 13 13/16″ (30.4 cm)

Depth: 4 1/16″ (9.9 cm)


Product Weight:

11 lbs. (5 kg)


Shipping Weight:

14 lbs. (6.4 kg)