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Add more features and functionality to your Control4 system with apps that add more control for entertainment, energy, shades and much more.

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Apps For Your Control4 System
With apps you’d know from the Web or a mobile phone, plus those featuring control of entertainment, energy, security and shades, your Control4® system can get better and better with every download. Browse apps.

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Control4® App

Control at Home or On The Go
The Control4 App provides a convenient and flexible way to turn your smartphone, tablet, or computer into a powerful Control4 interface. With the Control4 App and your mobile device of choice, you have complete control and command over all the home automation features in your smart home.

Product Information
While you’re at home, the Control4 App connects to your Control4 system over your local WiFi network. When you’re away, the app can connect remotely* to your system using your 3G/4G cellular service or WiFi connection with an optional 4Sight subscription with Anywhere Access. Regardless of how you connect to your system, now you can control lights, adjust the temperature, view cameras and more from virtually anywhere in the world.

Get the Control4 App
If you already have a Control4 system, download the app to your device(s).