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Learn how the Control4 Operating System delivers the magic behind the automation. And personalize your system with custom buttons, edit your media and much more with Control4 Composer software. Control geeks will love it!

Composer Media Edition

Edit all of your media within your Control4 system

Composer Media Edition requires you to use the same version of software that your Control4 system is running. To check what version you are running, use your Control4 touch screen or Control4 on-screen interface, navigate to the Info button and select the About button. The Director version number is the same version number of Composer Media Edition that you need to download and use. If you have any further questions, please contact the Control4 Dealer who installed your Control4 system.

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Composer Home Edition

Manage and personalize your Control4 system

Your System, Your Way. Set LED colors on lights and keypads, lighting levels, dimming speeds, thermostat schedule and custom one-touch buttons.

Personalized Entertainment. Easily manage your digital music and DVD collections with custom or automatically imported cover art, personal playlists and media sources.

Remote Management. Create email notifications for certain events, like when the doors are left open during the day or the water sensor in the basement is activated.

Lighting Scenes. Create and modify lighting, wake up and good night scenes that are customized especially for you.

Event Control. Use the Scheduler to program automatic events, like the exterior lights turn on at sunset and off at daybreak.

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Control4 Operating System

The Control4 Operating System (OS) is the software that serves as the foundation upon which Control4 automation is brought to life. The OS delivers the easy-to-use interface throughout the home as well as several additional features that are automatically built-in to every Control4 system.

Elegant User Interface
– The Control4 user interface has been specifically designed to help you quickly access all the important automation features of your home or business, including music, TV, lighting, climate control and security, among others.
– The user interface is also designed to give you personal control. You can create Favorites for easy access to your most used commands and your certain controls will even adapt to your behavior over time, giving you a truly personalized automation experience.

Additional Features
– Music: TuneIn, Napster and Rhapsody music services* are built-in to every Control4 system and they deliver an exceptional audio experience. Together they give you access to over 15 million songs, over 70,000 radio stations and millions of podcasts and audio books from all over the globe.
– MyHome App: The MyHome app is available for any iOS or Android device as well as PCs and it provides you with familiar control of your home or business directly from your smartphone or tablet device.
– Anywhere Access: A 4Sight subscription with Anywhere Access allows you to control your home or business using the same MyHome app while you are on the go so if you forget to turn off the lights or need to check your security camera, you can do so virtually anywhere you have an Internet or 3G/4G connection
– Apps: Add more features and functionality to your Control4 system with apps that add more control for entertainment, energy, shades, security and much more.

What’s New
– The latest version is Control4 OS 2.5 which powers the newest Control4 lighting products and the Wireless Music Bridge. If you are running an older version of the Control4 OS, we highly encourage you to contact your dealer for an upgrade so you can enjoy the most recent performance and security enhancements.

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