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When you install our projectors, you can rest assured of their exceptional readability, fast digital video performance and precise colour. We assure our clients in Singapore that our 3LCD projectors offer the best value for investment, as they are affordable without compromising on the quality of the projected image. With sharp, vibrant images, these projectors ensure a widespread demand when compared to DLP projectors. Energy efficient, a 3LCD projector will offer a better image than DLP projectors when you use a lamp with the same wattage rating. In addition to this, our 3LCD projectors are not impacted by picture processing noises or screen burn-ins.

Cost-effective and highly versatile, our projectors are most preferable when you are operating under a limited budget, but seek the best in terms of quality. 3LCD projectors, in addition to their effectiveness in viewing movies, are also an optimal choice for conference facilities and classrooms. They provide the benefits of increased sharpness that facilitate data-rich presentations, including detailed graphs and spreadsheets. Light-weight and easy to install, you can mount these projectors on a rear shelf, bookcase, ceiling or a coffee table, thus making sure that your floorspace is not taken up.

3LCD, which is the leading projection technology in the world, offers high reliability, natural colours and amazing details.

Pioneered by Epson and marketed by an affiliated organisation called 3LCD, this technology is used by other manufacturers all over the world for ultimate viewing experience.