Control4® Wireless Fan Speed Controller

The Control4® Wireless Fan Speed Controller provides elegant, quiet fan speed control of standard paddle-type ceiling fans. Allows fan speed control to be incorporated into a Control4® system for climate scheduling and other automated events.



• Controls a single paddle-type ceiling fan up to 2A*
• Includes four fan speed buttons and one off button
• Continuously measures energy being used by the fan
• Elegant, sophisticated design makes a beautiful addition to any home or business
• Custom engraving available to clearly identify each button
• Backlit button engraving with programmable color control for easy readability regardless of time of day or light level
• Programmable RGB LEDs provide status feedback for fan speed, lighting and other devices in the system
• Ambient light sensor automatically adjusts backlight and status LED brightness depending on the light level in the room
• Available in a wide array of gloss and satin colors (See Available Colors)
• Control4® screw-less faceplates, sold separately, provide a sleek profile (See Available Accessories)

Model NumberC4-4SF120
Power Requirements120VAC +/-10%, 50/60Hz
This device requires a neutral connection
Power Consumption500mW
Supported Load TypesSingle, paddle-type ceiling fan
Maximum Load2A
Operational Temperature32˚ F - 104˚ F (0˚ C - 40˚ C)
Humidity5% to 95% non-condensing
Storage-4˚ F - 158˚ F (-20˚ C - 70˚ C)
Control CommunicationsZigBee, IEEE 802.15.4, 2.4 GHz,
15-channel spread spectrum radio
Wallbox Volume5.75 cubic inches
Weight0.12 lb. (0.05 kg)
Shipping Weight0.18 lb. (0.08 kg)