Severtson Cinema Series Motorized Commercial Projector Screen

What is the Cinema Series? The Cinema Series is a collection of versatile motorized electric projection screens. They are an ideal choice for boardrooms, classrooms and other settings where a high-performance, affordable, retractable projection screen is needed. Cinema Series projection screens are designed for versatile applications – four control methods (manual button, IR remote, RS-232, and 12v trigger) come built-in to every screen, so you can control the screen without limitations or having to purchase additional components. The Cinema Series is beautifully designed from its core. The custom high-powered, low-noise motor is built for reliable, long-lasting performance. The case is crafted from high-grade aluminium and powder-coated white for a light, aesthetically-pleasing appearance. The Cinema Series offers several fibreglass-backed projection surfaces to meet the needs for your application. One of these options specifically engineered for ambient-lit rooms is Matte Grey. Matte Grey is designed to enhance the contrast in the projected image, reducing image washout that normally occurs in multi-use environments. Viewers will be drawn in by the clarity and sharpness of the projected image. The Cinema Series offers white, grey, and passive 3D materials that are fibreglass-backed for improved image stability.


  • Stylish, white all-aluminum case.
  • Multiple control methods.
  • Wall or ceiling mounted.
  • Eligible for custom build program.