Triad Speaker On-Wall Micro LCR 3.0

Triad’s newest 3-in-1 onwall speaker is designed for use with shallow flat-panel televisions. The OnWall MicroLCR 3.0 is the big brother of the popular OnWall MicroSat 3.0, offering more bass extension, and almost 5 dB more output, for exciting, dynamic sound. When used without a subwoofer, sound is full and clear, with robust output. And augmenting the MicroLCR 3.0 with one of our OmniSubs or one of our many InWall or InCeiling subs makes for a great home theater experience.


  • Compact Design.
  • Custom lengths available.
  • Triad AcoustiPerf metal grill.
  • Easy-Mount Installation.