Yamaha AD Converter with Remote Preamp AD8HR

This remotely controllable 8-channel microphone preamp and 24-bit/96-kHz AD converter employs microphone preamp technology inherited from the PM5000.

  • Microphone preamplifier technology inherited from the PM5000 analog live sound console for unsurpassed sound quality.
  • Microphone preamplifier gain can be remotely controlled in steps of 1 dB from compatible Yamaha digital mixing consoles.
  • High-pass filter with remotely controllable cutoff frequency on each channel.
  • Remotely switchable phantom power supply.
  • Up to 255 AD8HRs can be daisy-chained for massive input capacity.
  • AES/EBU digital connection to digital mixing console minimizes the need for analog cabling.
  • Eight XLR connectors and D-Sub AES/EBU terminals in a compact 1U design.
  • Dual output connectors enable 2 x 8-channel digital audio output in the AES/EBU format.
  • Remote control can be implemented via RS422 or switchable PC/RS422 nine-pin terminals.