Yamaha MG Rec & Play

The MG Rec & Play software application enables high-quality recording, as well as fast and easy playback of songs and sound effects, by simply connecting your iPhone/iPad to any MG Series XU model. This intuitive application can be used for a wide range of purposes such as recording songwriting sessions, band rehearsals, and live gigs, or providing background music or sound effects for live concert or entertainment events, or parties.

  • Compatible Mixing Consoles : MG20XU, MG16XU, MG12XU, MG12XUK, MG10XU, MG10XUF
  • Apple iPhone, iPad (any model using iOS7 or later)
  • Apple’s Camera Connection Kit or a Lightning to USB Camera Adapter, and USB cable are required to connect your iPhone or iPad to your MG Series consoles.