Yamaha TXn Series TX5n

High power touring amplifiers with internal DSP and advanced networking capabilities.

  • High power for tour applications: TX5n = 2500W (2 ohms/ per channel).
  • MY card slot makes it easy to match the amplifier’s I/O configuration to the system –– analog or digital.
  • Original Yamaha EEEngine amp drive technology achieves efficiency that matches class D amplifiers.



Not just an amplifier and a speaker processor put into one

The DSP enabled TXn series provides many more benefits than simply saving precious rack space or eliminating cabling.

- Rental companies can simplify warehouse inventory – The TXn series amplifier are multi-functional amplifiers that can be used to drive various speaker systems.

- Truly versatile: Not only is the TXn flexible in its I/O formats, but voltage gain/ sensitivity can be adjusted in 0.1dB steps. The TXn can be configured to use with any kind of system.

- TXn can accept multiple digital formats. Staying digital longer with the TXn allows for better S/N structure. Cabling is also lighter with digital.

- Precise control and monitoring of your amplifiers: Detailed control and monitoring parameters unimaginable with conventional amplifiers are now available from a remote location.

- Failsafe security: Combination of analog inputs and card slot inputs provides failsafe signal redundancy. The ultra low latency AES/EBU card's "THRU" output is designed to send signal even in case of power failure on the amplifier.

Onboard DSP

Digital signal processing is an area in which Yamaha quality is legend. All three TXn models incorporate a sophisticated 24-bit ADDA 96-kHz DSP engine that affords an extraordinary range of control and processing capabilities. In addition to basic amplifier control and status monitoring, there is enough DSP power built in to provide extensive speaker processing capabilities that will make external processors unnecessary in most applications. The TXn provides separate input and output processing. The onboard DSP parameters and functions can be accessed directly through the LCD and button interface provided on the front panel of the amplifier, or via Yamaha's NetworkAmp Manager II software running on a computer connected via Ethernet.


Flexible Input Configuration

The TXn series amplifiers feature a Yamaha mini-YGDAI standard card slot that comes fitted with an AES/EBU I/O card for digital input and throughput. The amplifier's balanced analog inputs and throughputs are permanently installed on the rear panel. The analog and digital inputs can be used independently, or signals can be applied to both and mixed or switched automatically for emergency announcements, for example. The original AES/EBU I/O card can be replaced with compatible Yamaha mini-YGDAI cards that provide other digital or analog input/output formats, or with network cards that allow full compatibility with CobraNet or EtherSound audio networks.

Amp Editor - Intuitive, plug and play amp management software 

Amp Editor is a dedicated software application for TXn amplifiers that makes amplifier management easy. Remotely control and monitor TXn amplifiers simply by connecting your amplifiers to an Ethernet port on a computer via a standard high-speed Ethernet switch. Connection to the Amp Editor network requires no special drivers so that your system is up and running in no time. All TXn amplifier functions and DSP parameters can be controlled using Amp Editor.

100V models
Dynamic power; 20ms burst2ohms3220W x 2
4ohms; Bridge6440W
Output power; 1kHz2ohms2500W x 2
4ohms2100W x 2
8ohms1300W x 2
4ohms; Bridge5000W
8ohms; Bridge4200W
Output power; 20Hz-20kHz100V line1250W x 2 ; 8ohms
120V models
Dynamic power; 20ms burst2ohms3480W x 2
4ohms; Bridge6960W
Output power; 1kHz2ohms2500W x 2
4ohms2200W x 2
8ohms1300W x 2
4ohms; Bridge5000W
8ohms; Bridge4400W
Output power; 20Hz-20kHz100V line1250W x 2 ; 8ohms
230V models
Dynamic power; 20ms burst2ohms3600W x 2
4ohms; Bridge7200W
Output power; 1kHz2ohms2500W x 2
4ohms2300W x 2
8ohms1300W x 2
4ohms; Bridge5000W
8ohms; Bridge4600W
Output power; 20Hz-20kHz100V line1250W x 2 ; 8ohms
General specifications
Total harmonic distortionLess than 0.2% (20Hz~20kHz; Halfpower)
Intermodulation distortionLess than 0.25% (60Hz:7kHz=4:1; Halfpower)
Frequency response+0dB, -1.0dB
S/N ratio107dB
CrosstalkLess than -65dB
Damping factorMore than 300
Voltage gain43.8dB - 19.8dB; 0.1dB step
Input sensitivity-1.4dBu - 22.6dBu, 0.1dB step
Maximum input voltage+24dBu
I/O ConnectorsLine input / output portsAnalog: 2x XLR-3-31 type, 2x XLR-3-32 type; Digital: XLR-3-31 type, 2x XLR-3-32 type (OUT, THRU)
Speaker output ports2x speakON NL4, 2x 5way binding posts
Control portsRJ45, Euroblock (Fault output)
Protection circuitLoad protectionPower switch on/off mute; DC-fault (Amplifier shuts down automatically), Clip limiting (THD ≥ 0.5%)
Amplifier protectionThermal (Mute the output; heatsink temp ≥ 90°C; return automatically), VI limiter (Limit the output, RL ≤ 1ohm)
Power supply protectionThermal (Amplifier shuts down automatically; heatsink temp ≥ 100°C)
Amplifier classEEEngine
Cooling2x Variable speed fan
Power requirementsDepend on area of purchase; 100V, 120V(30A Twist lock connector), 230V or 240V; 50/60Hz
Power consumptionMusic source equivalent1600W
DimensionsW480mm; 18-7/8in
H88mm; 3-7/16in (2U)
D461mm; 18-1/8in
Net weight16kg; 35.3lbs
AccessoriesOwner's manual, 2x Handle (with 4x flat-head screw), 1x Euroblock connector (3P), 4 x Rubber feet