Triad Speaker On-Wall Mini Sat 3.0

Triad’s new Mini Sat 3.0 has been well received as a compact, high-performance front speaker solution. Versions include InRoom and InWall models, and now, Triad introduces a new 3-in-1 OnWall version; the OnWall Mini Sat 3.0. The OnWall Mini Sat 3.0 integrates three discrete Mini Sats into one handsome enclosure, for onwall use with flat panel video displays. Featuring a handsome, Acoustiperf grill, the speaker can be ordered in black, white or silver, or it can be custom paint matched at Triad to any color you desire.


  • Compact Design.
  • Custom lengths available.
  • Triad AcoustiPerf metal grill.
  • Easy-Mount Installation.