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About Us

It is an art – that we call Art of Entertainment

Our story

For many homeowners of today, aesthetics takes equal prestige as functionality. Gone are the days where visual appeal is sacrificed in the name of mere performance. Now, you no longer have to make a choice between either; with many thanks to AOE’s Stealth Acoustics’ range of Invisible Speakers and Sub-woofers that offer high quality sound systems. This means, as a homeowner, you will be able to enjoy a high performance surround sound audio system that doesn’t interfere with your home’s interior design or theme!

But a seamless, clutter-free environment is not the only thing to revel in. Why not take it a step further with a remote-less, automated control of all your home devices on a single platform? From lighting and scenes, home theatre and music control to curtains, door locks and alarm systems, take control from your smart phone, iPad or anywhere where you have access to the Internet. The easy-to-use interface is customised to your needs so you can virtually control any home or office device from wherever you are.

Not only does this lend incredible convenience (since you won’t have to search high and low for countless remote controls for each device anymore), it also means you can monitor your electricity usage from outside your home or office space! Can’t remember if you switched off all electric appliances before you left home? With this intelligent home control system, you’ll never have to worry about that again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your operating hours ? 

Mon-Sun: 10am – 7pm

What is AV system and why do you need it ?  

AV stands for audiovisual and refers to a wide range of digital audio and video devices available for residential and commercial use. In the corporate world, audiovisual equipment is used for many different purposes, such as meetings, presentations, videoconferences, presentations, and much more! An AV installation can provide a lot of value to a business; improving communication, increasing productivity, and maximizing technology that is already available.

Do I need surround sound ? 

The presence of a large screen is only half of the story. You can “feel” the action if you have a good surround system. Whether it’s a car chase, exploding planets or even a subtle rain storm, surround sound allows for the “you are there” experience.

Do you provide site survey ? 

Yes we do! We provide onsite services on Monday to Friday from 10am to 7pm.

Are you on social media ? 

We are on Facebook, Instagram and RED. Let’s connect!

Can AOE work with my Interior Designer? 

Yes, we can work with your Interior Designer!

I am looking for the home and outdoor audio system. What do you recommend? 

We offer a variety of brands to meet individual needs (number of rooms, size, yard size, pool, etc). One of our most popular brand and audio system is Stealth Acoustic Invisible Speaker System. The brand offer indoor and outdoor system providing both aesthetic and functionality.

What are the benefits of automation? 

New device and appliance flexibility.

Improving security at home and office.

Enhance the appliance’s functionality.

Improve accuracy.

Cost savings.

Better data management and storage.

Client Feedback

     Mimrah Mahmood


“AOE team helped do the setup of all CCTV (22 units across 4,000 sqft home), amplifiers (5 units across 4 rooms), invisible speakers (16 speakers), digital control of all lights and blinds (too much to count, 100+ light points), Control4 integration across all smart home devices, and all the programming needed to make it all work.

The work was done very professionally and with a lot of good communication between the teams (AOE + me + main contractor). After full installation, its been working perfectly with no issues. Its incredible that the team managed to pull it off without any issues for such a large setup, especially during complex logistics of Covid restrictions :)”


     KongW Wong


“This is the first time I’d say that I have had the pleasant opportunity to work with an audio visual specialist to realise a dream to own a private theatre. The team I work with has been professional and dynamic and accommodative. I had my doubts at times on how it would be executed timely and accurate. They delivered. Cost aside, it was indeed still an overall pleasant experience. Special thanks to Bruce, Kristy, Marcus, Herman, Maggy, Riel and rest of the AOE Team for realising a dream of owning my own private theatre. Thanks again.”


     Ramon Greep


“I needed a custom made design of a projector installation in my house including speakers. Bruce and his team were so kind to discuss it and make a great conceptual design. My architect has included it in hus architectural drawings. Bruce’s service was quick, flexible and affordable, so a great experience!”


     Ken See


“Professional and top notch service.. they know their stuff..

Thanks to Bruce and his team for helping to design my theatre room.

After sales service is also excellent.

Highly recommended”


     Kheng H

“Great place to look for projectors for home cinema, classroom or church.” 


     Rashid Mohamed

“Always got the info I needed with gracious service.”

Our Clients

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