Introducing Triad’s comprehensive line of high-end architectural loudspeakers, providing unique solutions to seamless integration
of high-quality sound into a sophisticated living environment instead of just being commodities. Triad’s innovative speakers are perfect
for virtually any application, and their products are properly conceived, designed, installed and explained. Triad offers exemplary factory
support, and is sold only through the best installation dealers, which AOE is proud to be one of them. Triad provides the best experience for
all stages of service. Being the first manufacturer to build fully custom speakers to satisfy both the most discerning audiophiles and interior
designers alike, along with three decades of innovation and refinement, Triad’s speakers represent the pinnacle of acoustic excellence and
bespoke quality, individually tailored to each installation. Triad has the most dedicated craftsmen and craftswomen combining technology, automation and artistry to make Triad’s products pure, built-to-order and maintain continuous flow manufacturing with batch sizes of one, all from their factory located in Portland, Oregon in the USA.

Triad’s speakers are designed and built for you to elegantly, often invisibly, bring the ultimate acoustic experience to all spaces in your life.
In-wall and in-ceiling speakers create studio quality sound, blending discretely into your interior design. Freestanding and bookshelf speakers
are built to your exact specifications, including perfectly matched colors or wood surfaces, to enhance your décor. Moreover, Triad TV sound
bars not only look amazing and fit perfectly, but also deliver unprecedented sound quality. Working with Dolby, Triad has created a radical new line of recessed and freestanding speakers capable of moving the sounds of individual objects all around you, even overhead.

Don’t settle for the ordinary. Discover Triad and experience sound and beauty you will love every day.

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