Home Theatre Speakers

No matter whether you are relaxing in your garden or having a fun pool party; our outdoor speakers, offered to you in Singapore, can be highly beneficial. Our outdoor speakers, apart from their beautiful exteriors, are also highly user-friendly, durable, with unlimited mobility and an easy hardware installation. We understand that an outdoor speaker has to adjust to external factors, such as lawn movers, wind and barking dogs; that is why we offer features such as low-frequency response and high power handling for an excellent bass. Built tough and tested to extreme weather conditions, our outdoor speakers assure a long life. Our speakers are designed in such a manner that protects your components against snow, rain, dust and other backyard perils.

Highly compatible with any home stereo receiver/amp, the outdoor speakers we offer are water-resistant and developed while keeping the harsh outdoor conditions in mind. Though the shape of the speaker is designed to withstand extreme temperature and large amounts of pressure; ensure that you take care of them, as they are a valuable investment. They offer a crystal clear sound and enable you to play music from your mobile phone, tablet, computer and a DVD player. Light-weight and versatile, these speakers, with their better bass and treble, do not cause much of a distortion.

AOE offers innovative Hi-Fi systems that are designed for maximum comfort and functionality. Our Hi-Fi systems, offered to clients in Singapore, are network compatible and expand audio enjoyment. In addition to offering the benefits of increased comfort; they also assure a high level of stability and an enhanced range of motion. They also provide an intimate fit for increased functionality. Whether you seek to connect them to your MP3 Players, PC via the audio input or solely use them as speakers, our systems offer the best possible functionality. Our Hi-Fi systems are a combination of compact, stylish designs and high-quality sound.

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