“Nobody knows sound better than Yamaha”

That’s what Yamaha, the world’s leading manufacturer of music instruments and audio equipment says about their speakers. Yamaha is
uniquely positioned to express every sound as the artist intended. Yamaha provides sound that delivers incredibly detailed and accurate
in each note, is experienced by the emotive contrast between stillness and motion, and reproduces sense of atmosphere as if you’re
already there. Yamaha’s express sound as the artist intended. Reproducing sonic elements such as vocals, instruments, TV dialogue and
sound effects at the right pitch requires both passion and precision, which are accomplished through tonal balance, enriching harmonies
and recreating musicality to help you hear sounds you couldn’t hear before.

Music is a connection of one sound to another, they form phrases, with rests added in for alternating expression of power and delicacy.
That’s why Yamaha pursues dynamics in sound to contrast the stillness and motion, emphasizing not only on the powerful sounds, but also the
breaks in-between. The Yamaha approach to tonal balance brings new sounds to life. From backing vocals and guitar harmonies, to a jazz musician taking a breath before the next note. Feel the dynamics between notes and a sense of atmosphere as if you’re actually there.

Yamaha makes every night movie night, with Yamaha’s tonal balance delivering incredibly detailed and accurate timbre in each voicing. Dynamism is found in the emotive contrast between the stillness and motion in the movie. The urgency and suspense between action scenes is capable through the sound field that is created.

From music and movies to immersive gaming experiences, there’s a reason beyond every sound. It’s time to discover true sound.

AOE is proud to present Yamaha and their array of audio-visual products.

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