Home Automation

Our home automation products make sure that our clients in Singapore are safe; also managing their energy consumption and providing entertainment. These home automation solutions are made available to clients of varying income levels and lifestyle. With these devices, you can monitor your home by using an interface on your tablet, computer or smartphone. Home automation will help you check on your home from a remote location, thus arming and disarming your home completely. These systems are not only convenient, but also help you in saving the time and effort you need to perform household tasks.

Security is one of the important benefits of home automation devices. Whether you are watching video surveillance on your iPad or accessing events from smartphone, we have your security well covered. As a homeowner away from your house, you may be concerned about the safety of your property or worried about your children, elderly relatives or pets. In these situations, our smartphone surveillance video in your entrance, hallway, nursery or driveway can be highly beneficial. The home automation system is also used for entertainment, as you can use Bluetooth to stream music from smartphones or tablets to built-in speakers.
Turn your home into a smart home by controlling your home and business in Singapore from anywhere around the world, with just a single touch of your tablet or smartphone.

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