Architettura Sonora

AOE presents Architettura Sonora’s array of high-quality luxury speakers that give the best possible sound from the best looking speakers.
Made with a wide range of natural materials, Archittectura Sonora’s array of speakers are built to provide a truly bespoke solution for
the most diverse audio requirements and environments. Material such as Marble, Concrete, Terracotta, Granite and more are carefully selected
for being excellent sound vehicles, being able to adapt and react differently depending on the type of environment and audio requirements.
Specifically conceived to and designed to “sonorize” all environments, AS offers a wide range of professional audio solutions
that meet the most varied demands, both acoustically and aesthetically. Combining speakers with omnidirectional and directional emission
allows AS to transform a simple environment into an amazing sound experience. Their extreme care in all their designs makes their speakers
easy and natural to place, satisfying even the most special requests for both indoor and outdoor environments.
AS speakers are built to excel especially in an outdoor environment, where they can adapt with ease to the environment reproducing a real
“High Fidelity en plein air”, which is also reflected on their high reliability.

Archittectura Sonora’s commitment to excellence ensures that quality procedures and controls mark all stages of production of an Archittectura
Sonora loudspeaker. This can be said for our customers all around Singapore, who are able to enjoy the best quality, best-designed luxury speakers that AS has to offer.

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