Though modern technology enables people to watch movies in computer laptops, DVD players and smartphones, you will not be able to replicate the experience of watching films in a movie theatre. With grand visuals, a movie theatre can bring the story projected on screen into life. This is exactly what our home theatre offers. You can now enjoy all the benefits of a movie theatre within the comforts of your home. Be it is cold winter or scorching summer; all you have to do is turn on your favourite television channel to enjoy top-quality entertainment without moving away from your home.

Our home theatre screen ensures captivating visuals and offers our clients in Singapore an excellent sound quality. You no longer have to fret about the expenses involved in parking fees, movie tickets and concession stand purchases; you just need to walk into your home theatre room and watch the latest movie or play your favourite game.

Your home theatre viewing in Singapore is further enhanced by our Severtson screens. This screen surface offers an exceptionally wide viewing angle and no resolution loss, no matter how you view the screen. Severtson, which is active for 3D applications, offers the perfect solution in case of ambient lighting.

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