Stealth Acoustics

AOE introduces the all-new LineaResponse® G series of invisible speakers that offer excellent sound quality. Our new Fidelity GlassTM face panel material is highly user-friendly, with its advantages of outputting great warmth, realism and depth of sound while ensuring easy installation. With our speakers, you will experience no fatigue or loss of detail; we provide the best sounding family of totally invisible speakers and subwoofers.

In addition to high quality, our invisible speakers, offered in Singapore, paves the way for critical listening and distributed audio in residential properties as well as commercial spaces, thus ensuring an excellent proposition for homeowners, interior designers, architects and installers alike. Delivering on both price and performance, our invisible speakers make a compelling aesthetic statement. Natural bass extension and high-frequency response balanced within the unit ensure that our speakers offer a highly enjoyable experience to listeners. These speakers are engineered to reproduce lifelike sounds with more detail and depth as compared to conventional speakers.

Stealth Acoustics, which our clients in Singapore can now enjoy, offer dynamic full-range audio without regard for architectural conflicts that may occur with conventional speaker boxes and grills. Affordable and easy to install, stealth acoustics’ cover solution blends with any flat screen display into the décor of your home or commercial space. These speakers bring about a range of flash panel speakers that cover all ranges and can be flush-fitted into a wall. Easy to install, stealth acoustics delivers sound evenly throughout the area, unlike conventional speakers that radiate sound in a single direction.

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