No matter what you are automating – a single room or an entire smart home in Singapore, our Control4 home automation can start with any of these. With a controller, you can make your products and systems work together.

As you integrate everything in your home, right from home theatre, music, lighting and climate control to security, you will be able to create a personalised experience that will go a long way in enhancing the quality of your life, ensuring savings, added comfort and peace of mind. You can also integrate iPads, iPhones, tablets and Android smartphones; you just need an internet connection. With Control4, you can program events to take place through certain basic triggers. For example, you can perform a complex action that will lock your doors, turn off your lights and turn the thermostat down at the time you desire.

System integration makes Control4 easy to use. All you need to do is tell your installer what you want and how you seek to integrate your appliances and they will do the rest for you; tying your appliances into a centralized control pad and also a convenient web app. Thus, you can now control your home from anywhere around the world. You can set Control4 as either a wired or wireless system, thus modernizing your home with ease without needing to install new wiring or taking the trouble of remodeling.

You may either take small steps by automating just your home theatre or your living room. Alternatively, you may choose to take up the whole home automation.

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