Triad Outdoor Speaker Garden Array GA4 Sat & GA10 Sub

Triad Outdoor Speaker Garden Array GA4 Sat & GA10 Sub

The Triad Garden Array is a family of premium, all-weather landscape speakers that are the perfect combination of elegance, sound, and durability. This family includes the unique GA4 Satellite and powerful GA10 Subwoofer speakers, designed to be placed throughout flowerbeds or around the yard blanketing outdoor spaces with rich, beautiful audio. Triad Garden Array speakers are completely scalable for every outdoor listening experience, from courtyards and patios to entire residential estates.

The Triad GA4 Satellite speaker is built around a unique, Ultra-Broad Dispersion (UBD) driver that provides superior sound coverage using fewer speakers. GA4 Sats deliver a 150-degree listening area that is over 50% wider than traditional landscape speakers, allowing for broader speaker placement without compromising sound quality. Everyone gets consistent volume levels and tonal balance for filling outdoor areas without the beaming or hot spotting of conventional designs.
The GA10 Subwoofer is designed for both above- and below-ground installations so the bass can be located exactly where you want it—on the patio or deck, or buried near a pool, gazebo, or pergola. Kits are available for either type of installation.
With the best-looking aesthetics in this outdoor category, from courtyards and patios to entire residential estates, Triad is the ultimate choice for your outdoor sound.



Recommended Amp Power:

15 – 60 watts direct, 3.75- 35W per Sat, @ 70/100V



8 ohms



87 dB (1 watt/1 meter)


Anechoic Frequency Response:

100 Hz – 20 kHz +/-3dB


Woofer Type:

Coated Pulp, UDB Broadband Driver


Woofer Size:

(1) 4.5″/11.4cm



Woofer Type:

Long-excursion coated paper


Woofer Size:

(1) 10″/25.4cm


F3 -3dB:

F3 @ 25 Hz


Max SPL:



Sub Amp Type:



Sub Amp Power:

300 watts


GA4 SAT Dimensions:

Height: 11 3/4″ (29.8 cm)

Width: 5 1/4″ (13.4 cm)

Depth: 7 7/8″ (20 cm)


Product Weight:

3.37 lbs. (11.4 kg)


Shipping Weight:

8.29 lbs (3.76 kg) pair


GA10 SUB Dimensions:

Height: 10 1/4″ (26 cm)

Width: 13 3/4″ (35 cm)

Depth: 13 3/4″ (35 cm)


Product Weight:

23.6 lbs. (10.72 kg)


Shipping Weight:

29 lbs. (13.15 kg) pair