What We Provide

We understand that with today’s living standards that you might not have time to slowdown for technological malfunctions. When you rely on AV and automation systems to run your organization smoothly, the last you should have to deal with are maintenance issues.

Therefore, we offer Ad-hoc Maintenance Service Contracts. For continued audio visual and automation service, we have detailed and flexile plans to eliminate the frustrating troubleshooting headaches and put the upkeeping responsibilities completely on us.

Your AV and Automation system would have probably costed a significant amount, so it is crucial that it is maintained properly. Our service agreements will aid you to combat any technical disruptions in your AV and Automation system.

Our AV service contract ensures that you receive prompt assistance in taking care of your AV setup. From the moment you sign our Ad-hoc Maintenance Service Contract, you have instant access to our full-service-audio-visual integration team.

Our Customer Care Philosophy is our Priority.
Exceptional service has been our focus since 2009.

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