Architettura Sonora Icarus StandAlone

The concept behind the NEW PARADIGM OF SOUND set by the new ICARUS Family is best represented by the introduction of the “ICARUS_Stand-Alone” model, the first ALL-IN-ONE SYSTEM of this kind offering and extra-wide coverage in a visually elegant and refined audio system, seamlessly integrating with any design or space without compromising sound quality.


Architettura Sonora

ICARUS is the new range of speakers designed by Giulia Archimede and developed by Architettura Sonora (AS), conceived to offer an alternative and complementary acoustic solution to our current production, that over the years has made AS a benchmark in both outdoor and indoor design. The concept behind the new paradigm of sound set by the new ICARUS family is best represented by the “ICARUS stand-alone” model, the rst all-in-one system of this kind offering an extra wide coverage in a visually elegant and rened audio system, seamlessly integrating with any design or space without compromising on sound quality.

ICARUS is composed by a high performing and extremely compact subwoofer supporting a metal frame with two satellites that can be calibrated in terms of emission width, thanks to their adjustable mechanics. This ultra-compact system delivers a crystal-clear sound produced by the two adjustable 3,5” satellites supported by a deep, uncompressed bass, even at high output levels, released by its 8-inch woofer. This “complementary” solution refers to the possibility of integrating omnidirectional elements placed at the center of a garden that includes directive elements (Icarus) on the borders, facing the desired listening point. All models of the ICARUS family are all parts of a modular solution to be properly planned, according to the needs and the type of each installation. All aim at meeting the most complex and unique installation requirements, with the guarantee of professional quality of B&C Speakers loudspeakers, the heart of all AS products.

Icarus family models provide directive irradiation, giving an effect similar to a spotlight. Thanks to the adjustable “double-sound spotlight” the acoustic coverage angle can be adjusted to the needs, adapting from rather extensive (almost 140°) to small (70°) coverages. Finishes are the AS classic ones, our hallmark: concrete and marble, that give uniqueness and elegance, combined with rened metallic nishes

versionPassive without crossoverCrossover on board
Speaker Type2 x 3.5″ Wide Band
8″ Woofer
2 x 3.5″ Wide Band
8″ Woofer
Nominal Impedance4Ω satellite
4Ω subwoofer
Crossoverrecommended DSP settings:
SUB: HP = 35Hz; 12dB/oct
LP = 120Hz; 12dB/oct
SAT: HP=150Hz; 12DB/oct
2 ways on board
Frequency Range:40-20,000Hz (-6dB)
(recommended DSP setting)
40-20,000Hz (-6db)
Sensitivity (1W – 1m)87dB87dB
Speaker Peak Power70W satellite
400W subwoofer
Speaker RMS Power50W satellite
200W subwoofer
Lighting MoodN/AN/A
High-z on Board Optional
(Voltage 70-100W
Power 30-60W)
(Voltage 70-100W
Power 30-60W)
Dimensions 166.1cm H x 27cm diam166.1cm H x 27cm diam
Weight 31Kg Concrete; 34Kg Marble31Kg Concrete; 34Kg Marble