Definitive Technology DI 5.5BPS

Powerful far beyond its diminutive size, the DI 5.5BPS delivers captivating surround sound with the bass output and dynamic range of traditional 8″ speakers. Hidden within your walls or ceiling, its lifelike sonic performance and broad, even dispersion become even more impressive. While other in-wall speakers fall short in sound quality and stealth, the DI 5.5BPS sets an impossibly high standard.

  • Room-filling Surround Sound
  • Clear, Clean, and Detailed
  • Tailored to Your Space


Bipolar Technology surrounds you in high performance

The DI 5.5BPS boasts Definitive Technology’s vaunted Bipolar technology, filling the room with a perfect combination of direct and reflected sound for stunning surround effects.


Environmental EQ fine-tunes the highs for any space

Adjust the Environmental EQ switch to customize tweeter output for your listening environment. Engage the [+] setting to boost treble in sound-absorbing rooms, or the [–] setting to reduce treble in lively rooms. Leave in the Center position for rooms with average reflectivity.


Pivoting Tweeter for controlled directivity

The ultralight, rigid construction of DI Series aluminum dome tweeters enables them to play significantly higher frequencies than we can hear, enabling optimum linearity within the range of human hearing. The DI 5.5BPS features pivotable tweeters for clean, sparkling, distortion-free highs, with dispersion customizable to your space.


Exclusive BDSS™
midrange/bass woofers

For more bass in less space while keeping midrange detailed and responsive, the DI 5.5BPS’s two 5.25” mid/bass woofers leverage our exclusive Balanced Double Surround System (BDSS™). The double butyl rubber surrounds produce a much greater cone excursion than other comparably sized drivers. And its rigid PolyStone™ basket provides a sturdy launching pad for the powerful excursion.

With BDSS drivers, you’ll enjoy superior midrange and midbass dynamics and detail in packages sized for stealth.


Acoustic Wizardry for the details that make the difference

The DI 5.5BPS features a sophisticated adjustable crossover network with custom, high-precision components for superior sonic purity.

Surrounding each of the two BDSS drivers is a specially-contoured AeroRing™ that precisely distributes natural, well-balanced sound by minimizing diffraction.

The Axially-Aligned configuration of each DI 5.5BPS  tweeter with its companion woofer provides broader sound dispersion and more natural balance.


All the Stealth none of the complexity

Hidden flange architecture is fantastic for décor, because the nearly border-free design virtually disappears into walls and ceilings. What isn’t fantastic is the typical installation complexity. However, DI Series hidden flange designs are as easy to install as traditional flanged flush-mount speakers, and don’t require custom Sheetrock or spackle skills to install the practically invisible look.


Paintable Magnetic Grille for the final custom touch

All DI Series speaker grilles and grille frames are paintable, with easy step-by-step instructions. Once you have your perfect look, powerful neodymium magnets attach the grilles to the speakers for a secure, tool-free finish. 


New Construction installations made easy

For new construction projects, streamline your DI Series speaker installations with the optional Pre-Construction Rough-in Brackets. Easily attach the bracket to studs or joists before the drywall goes up, using your choice of nails, drywall screws, or construction staples (not included). Adjustable arms allow for unusual stud or joist locations.


A Disappearing Act for every installation

Whatever the setting—residential or commercial, music room or home theater—DI Series has designed a disappearing act ready to entertain you. From round or square ceiling speakers, to in-wall speakers, to Bipolar surround speakers, to in-wall subwoofers, DI Series is ready to rock a venue of any size—invisibly. Mix and match as you please, confident that you’ll always enjoy Definitive Technology’s legendary speaker voicing.

Included Accessories1x Wall Mounting Template
1x Paintable Magnetic Grille
Carton 1 (W x H x D) ; Weight395.2 x 171.5 x 247.7mm (13.5″ x 13.5″ x 7.25″) ;
4.99kg (11 lbs)
In-Wall Speaker
Qty Included1
Depth98.6mm (3.88″)
Weight3.81kg (8.4 lbs)
Grille Dimensions (W x H)196.9 x 346.2mm (7.75″ x 13.63″)
Dimensions (W x H)173 x 320.8mm (6.81″ x 12.63″)
Clearance Required for Mounting Dogs (add to each side of cutout)25.4mm (1″)
Audio Inputs
Speaker Inputs1x Pair of Heavy Duty, Spring Loaded – na
Total Frequency Response28Hz → 30,000Hz
Nominal Impedance Range8 ohms
Max Sensitivity (1W @ 1m)89dB
A/V Receiver Crossover SettingsSmall (60Hz)