Definitive Technology ProMonitor 1000

Remarkably sophisticated with the sound quality of much bigger speakers, the ProMonitor 1000 boasts legendary Definitive Technology innovations, such as BDSS™ woofers, pure aluminum dome tweeters, and planar pressure-coupled bass radiators. It’s a pint-sized marvel that delivers oversized home theater experiences.

  • Thrilling Performance
  • Small Size, Big Audio Footprint
  • Rich, Full Audio
  • Available in Black and White


Ferrofluid-Cooled Aluminum Tweeters
for clean, clear highs


ProMonitor 1000 utilizes the same aluminum tweeter material as our top floorstanding speakers. Aluminum is light and stiff, making it the ideal material for a driver that must move beyond 20,000 times per second to reproduce the highest frequencies we can hear. You’ll hear clean, detailed highs that produce “air” and dimension in the room.


5.25” BDSS™ Midrange/Woofer in a Cast Basket
for smooth, dynamic midrange and bass

ProMonitor 1000’s 5.25” midrange/woofer features our patented Balanced Double Surround System (BDSS™). The dual surrounds allow for greater cone excursion, enabling the ProMonitor 1000 midrange/woofer to produce the bass of a larger driver, while remaining the perfect size for detailed, silky-smooth midrange. And the cast basket provides a muscular, anti-resonant frame for the additional cone excursion.


5.25” Passive Bass Radiator
for bigger bass in a smaller package


ProMonitor 1000 satellite speakers make a big splash from a small footprint with their innovative top-firing passive bass radiator. The 5.25” planar radiator, pressure-coupled to the BDSS midrange/woofer, significantly increases the bass-generating surface area. The result: room-friendly speakers with room-filling bass.


Wrapped in Performance
anti-resonant enclosures

ProMonitor 1000 is housed in a super-tough, anti-resonant PolyStone™ enclosure. The dense, acoustically inert material, along with PM1000’s acoustically transparent grilles, means that you hear only what the artist intended—not the speaker cabinet.


Stand & Mount Options for unlimited placement choices

ProMonitor 1000 satellite speakers feature built-in, removable stands. They also feature a built-in keyhole mount for simple mounting with a single screw (not included). For ultimate versatility and placement options, choose either the optional ProMount 90 wall-mounting brackets or the optional ProStand 100/200/1000 tall speaker stands.

Included Accessories2x 1/4″ 20 Thread Cover Plug
1x Tripod Base
1x Molded Keyhole Hanger
Carton 1 (W x H x D) ; Weight219.2 x 311.2 x 217.4mm (8.63″ x 12.25″ x 8.56″) ;
3.63kg (8 lbs)
OrientationVertical, Horizontal
Dimensions (W x H x D)158.8 x 276.4 x 165.1mm (6.25″ x 10.88″ x 6.5″)
Weight3.29kg (7.25 lbs)
Audio Inputs
Speaker Inputs1x Pair of 5-Way Binding Posts – Gold-Plated
Total Frequency Response47 Hz → 30,000 Hz
Nominal Impedance8
Max Sensitivity (1W @ 1m)91dB
A/V Receiver Crossover SettingsSmall (80Hz)