Definitive Technology SubAmp 600

The SubAmp 600 puts in-wall bass control at your fingertips, with two discrete high-powered amplifiers in one convenient housing.

Built to bolster the Definitive IWSub 10/10 and IWSub Reference in-wall subwoofers, this versatile outboard amplifier offers greater placement flexibility and optimal power to effortlessly drive one or two IW Subs in the same room or in different zones.

  • Dual Amplifier Design
  • Fine Tune the Room
  • Steady and Secure


Volume, Low-pass and Phase for unprecedented control

Dial in your system your way with volume, low-pass crossover, and phase — all easily adjusted with convenient, front-panel control knobs.


Two Amps in One to power two subs

Two discrete high-powered amplifiers with simple connections take deep bass impact to new heights. Power two IW subwoofers in the same zone or separate zones.


Solid, Stable Connections for steady and secure placement

5-way binding posts ensure the most secure speaker connections possible. Connect the subwoofers, and never have to think of it again.

Required Accessories2x Iw Sub 10/10 or IW Sub Reference
Carton 1 (W x H x D) ; Weight558.8 x 171.5 x 279.4mm (22″ x 6.75″ x 11″) ;
12.7kg (28 lbs)
Reference In-Wall Subwoofer Amplifier
Qty Included1
Dimensions (W x H x D)433.3 x 87.4 x 244.5mm (17.06″ x 3.44″ x 9.625″)
Weight11.34kg (25 lbs)
Filter40 Hz → 150 Hz, Slope of 12 dB per Octave
Phase Settings (Continuous)0° → 180°
Remote Power Input12V Trigger [.125″ Mini Plug (.32cm)]
US Voltage110V A/C
International Voltage220V A/C