Episode Signature Passive Free Air Subwoofer (Each) – 8″ Driver

Bring the boom to your next install with our Signature Passive Free Air Subwoofer. These Subwoofers can be installed free air or with any of our optional enclosures, offering you the ultimate in flexibility and making it easy to add a subwoofer to any system – small or large rooms, theatres, distributed audio, and more.

Important Note: Requires the use of an external subwoofer amplifier. Recommend using either EA-AMP-SUB-1D-500R, EA-MINI-SUB-1D-100 or EA-AMP-SUB-1D-150, depending on the size of the room and configuration of the subwoofers.


A Subwoofer in Every Room

Subwoofers bring rich sound to a distributed audio system and provide a more satisfying listening experience than systems without subs. Our lineup of in-wall subwoofers lets you bring the bass without the hassle of finding somewhere to hide it. Our single, dual, and free air subwoofers are easily installed in a wall cavity or a preconstruction or retrofit enclosure, making it easier than ever to add a sub to every room. Complete your install with our full suite of Episode accessories.


Unparalleled Performance

A low profile 8″ driver with more than a 1/2″ of excursion brings high-quality sound and booming lows to every install.



The core of the versatile Episode Signature Subwoofer system is this Free Air Subwoofer driver, which can be installed in a variety of ways to best suit the job, including directly in the wall, into a back box, or in combination with another sub to create a dual sub setup. Add a sub to every room by leveraging an open-air cavity or installing in one of our pre-construction or retrofit enclosures for a hassle-free way to immediately increase your customer’s overall satisfaction with their audio system.



This sub can be hidden in a standard 2 x 4″ stud bay and can accommodate sheetrock thicknesses from single 1/2″ to dual 5/4″ for a flush install that won’t take up valuable space.


Easy Install

Spring-loaded tension dogs make it easy to place this subwoofer in the wall, back box, or enclosure. If using the retrofit enclosure, be sure to align the dog ear screw with the area marked on the front of the enclosure.


Hassle-Free Wiring

Spring-loaded push terminals allow you to attach speaker wire directly from an amplifier or optional back box.


Ribbed Surround

A polypropylene woofer with ribbed surround creates linear cone movement for tighter, cleaner bass and reduced distortion.


Discreet In-Wall Accommodation

This subwoofer is compatible with our wide variety of grille options including round, square, rectangular (for dual sub install), bezel, bezel-less, and black. A standard thin bezel white grille is included with your purchase, giving you a modern finish that fits in seamlessly with Episode speakers.


Optimize Performance

EQ settings are built into the subwoofer amplifier to optimize performance for any application and set-up.

Connector TypeGold-Plated Push Terminals
Frequency Response30Hz – 300Hz
Nominal Impedance8 Ohms
Line Voltage150W (RMS)/ 200W(Dynamic)
FeaturesGrille: Steel Micro-Perf Mesh / White / low profile thin bezel
Woofer8″ Mica loaded Polypropylene Cone, ribbed rubber (NBR) surroundsuspension
Dimensions (W x H x D)11″ (279.4 mm )
(Finished Diameter with Grille)
Mounting Depth3.88″ (98.552 mm)
Cutout Diameter9.7″ (246.38 mm)
Weight6.5 lbs (2.95kg)