Earthquake FF10 Front Firing Subwoofer is an evolutionary step in the continued quest for superb bass performance.

The FF series offers versatility, small footprint, and great looks all while staying surprisingly affordable. The powerful woofers used in the FF line have direct lineage to the lauded MiniMe subwoofers sporting massive excursion and high power handling. The amplifiers are refined descendants of the signature Sub-Series from Earthquake.


10″ high power subwoofer
Built-in 400 watts class A/B high efficiency power amplifier
Front firing design with small footprint
Single slot port for optimized bass output
12dB/Octave variable filter from 40Hz–180Hz
Frequency Response: 25Hz–125Hz
0–180° phase shift
Front mounted volume control knob
Automatic signal detection circuitry
Low level (RCA) audio inputs
Line through (RCA) audio outputs
High level audio inputs
Full range line through (high level) speaker outputs
Also available in 6.5″ and 12″ models