MiniMe DSP P8B

With the continued success of the MiniMe DSP series of home subwoofers, Earthquake felt that a smaller sibling was in order to help compliment the line. The all new MiniMe DSP P8 utilizes Earthquake’s unique class “D” circuitry with over 90% efficiency with the added advantage of DSP control through mobile devices. Complicated and professional room tuning is now made possible right at your finger tips through a mobile app allowing users to tune the MiniMe DSP P8 for flexible subwoofer placement in any room.

Like the 10, 12, and 15 inch models, the DSP P8 offers users some of the same great performance and features like 600 watts of brute peak power output, high-EMF XLT active driver, and redesigned 8 inch mass tuned SLAPS-M8 passive radiator with increased excursion potential.