Severtson Electric Floor Series Motorized Commercial Projector Screen


Electric Floor Screens are a collection of premium retractable projection screens that extend upward from the floor. They can be installed beneath the floor for a seamless look and are an excellent solution for any venue needing a modern, high-performance retractable projection screen.


Electric Floor Screens are specially designed motorized projection screens which extend upward from the floor. Each beautifully designed screen is a masterpiece perfect for any home theater, office, or other venue. The durable screen offers a clean, sharp appearance, and retracts fully into the floor.

This makes it a great addition to any multi-use home theater, sports bar, conference room, or just about any other venue.

Each screen is manufactured to the same high standards as Severtson’s large cinema screens in theaters worldwide.


Each Electric Floor Screen is custom-made to meet exacting standards and individualized needs. Choose from Severtson’s many perfectly tensioned screen materials, with optical coatings that will take your viewing experience to the highest level of performance.

Electric Floor Screens are the pinnacle of quality Severtson is known for. The screen hides perfectly in the floor when not in use, and extends and retracts quickly and quietly. The durable mechanism and tab-tensioning ensure the screen is perfectly flat for maximum viewing performance.