Severtson Narrow Frame Series Fixed Frame Projector Screen


The Narrow Frame Series is a collection of premium fixed frame projection screens offering a sturdy aluminum frame with a 7mm (0.3in) visible border, for a fully maximized viewing area, and Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) or Ultra Short Throw ALR (UST) materials for excellent contrast in any lighting.


The Narrow Frame Series is one of Severtson’s signature series fixed-frame projection screens. Each beautifully designed screen is a masterpiece perfect for any home theater, office, or venue. The durable aluminum frame offers the thinnest visible bezel that Severtson Screens offers, for a clean, sharp appearance that maximizes the viewable area, and perfectly compliments the sharp contrast provided by the ALR and UST material options.

Each screen is manufactured to the same high standards that have come to be expected from Severtson Screens.


The ALR and Ultra Short Throw materials on the Narrow Frame Series provide excellent contrast in any lighting condition. See the movie come to life as Severtson ALR or UST materials enhance the picture, making it bolder and clearer than ever before.

Thanks to their unique optical film, Severtson ALR and UST materials always provide plenty of contrast. The Narrow Frame Series is the best value for a modern ALR or UST screen on the market.

This makes it a great addition to any home theater, sports bar, conference room, or virtually any other venue.