SeVision 3D GX-WA Digi Perf

Severtson SēVision 3D GX-WA projection screen coating is a brilliant example of Severtson Screens’ continued quest for quality, improvement, and innovation. The SēVision 3D GX-WA coating provides the benefits of the standard SēVision 3D GX coating, but offers increased uniformity and brightness more typically seen on 2D white screens. It is specially engineered for an increased viewing angle over standard silver screens, and reduces hotspotting.

Like all Severtson projection materials, SēVision 3D GX-WA offers the unique benefit of also being foldable, without any damage to the projection surface. This allows it to be transported in a smaller crate, and at a fraction of the cost, as well as to locations around the world, where shipping was previously far more difficult and expensive.

**This material is available for Cinema screens**