THOR In-Wall Subwoofer

When it comes to home theater, anything under 10 inches cannot seriously be considered high-end. A true theater must be able to produce sub-harmonics that can be felt when called on. Imitation in-wall subwoofers produce more resonance than true bass reproduction, not only are they a hassle to install, they also cannot be felt.

Earthquake Sound’s Thor in-wall subwoofer is designed with sound quality, staging and ease of installation in mind. The engineers at Earthquake approached this project at multiple angles so that the product would be ergonomic from install to finish, making it a true marvel.

Thor IW-SUB10 is capable of producing sub-harmonics down to 19Hz and has next to zero resonance thanks to its muscular design. The back plate is filled with fiber cloth to absorb some of the impact but the true technology comes from the internal design. Each screw that surrounds the driver and passive radiator is interlocked with a connecting brace that protrudes from the back plate for added support. The bottom of the back plate and back side of the front panel are lined with x-crossing bridges that create a stability unheard of at the in-wall level.