Triad Speaker In-Wall Gold/6 Monitor

Triad’s Gold Monitors are the benchmark of custom speakers—distinguished among the industry for high-fidelity audio. These speakers may be used full range in mid-sized, high-end media rooms or paired with Triad Subs in larger rooms for stunning, articulate rendering of music and movie soundtracks.

  • deliver intricate acoustics and effortless playback;
  • offer a professional-grade audiophile experience;
  • reveal superior levels of detail and dynamics;
  • the studio-grade design maintaining faithful reproduction at all playback levels, from a whisper to a roar.



Tweeter size

Tweeter type

Woofer size

Woofer type

(1) 1″ (25 mm)
Fabric dome
(2) 6 1/4″ (16cm)
Paper/fiber blend Paper


Recommended amp power


Sensitivity (dB @ 2.83V, 1 m)

Frequency response (+/-3 dB)

100 – 400W
4 ohm
92 dB
60 Hz – 20 kHz


Cabinet specifications

Hole cut out

Frameless grill dimensions

Product weight (each)

66cm (L) × 34.3cm (W) × 15cm (D)

66.3cm (L) × 34.6cm (W)

67.8cm (L) × 36.1cm cm(W)

35 lb (15.9 kg)