Triad Speaker In-Room Silver Monitor

The Silver Monitor series exemplifies Triad’s commitment to high-end custom sound, with four versions; one InRoom, two InWall and one InCeiling model. All four models feature groundbreaking proprietary enclosure technologies, as well as the finest drivers available, for unsurpassed performance. Depending upon the venue, the InRoom Silver Monitor is well suited to critical two-channel listening or, with it’s high (92 dB) sensitivity, it is just as appropriate for demanding home theater applications.


    • Compact design
    • Fully engineered, premium MDF enclosure
    • Acoustic suspension, two-way design
    • Braced enclosure keeps sound from bleeding into adjacent rooms
    • Custom paint matching available


    • Acoustic cloth grill
    • Veneer finishes available


    • AcoustiPerf frameless metal grill


    • 45 degree baffle angle
    • AcoustiPerf frameless metal grill