Triad Speaker On-Wall Mini LCR 1.0 SE

Triad’s Special Edition Mini LCR Soundbar features the same discreet style as the Mini LCR with upgraded drivers for higher output and acoustic quality. These sleek speakers integrate seamlessly with shallow televisions, delivering intricate, low-distortion audio to complement today’s high-resolution video content. Combine exceptional audio and aesthetics with custom designs, offering lengths to match your television and custom finishes to match walls, millwork, and other décor.

With 4″ drivers and high-performance one-, two-, and three-channel versions, the Mini LCR (SE) produces authentic front-channel audio and is voice-matched for consistent sound. Pair with a Triad subwoofer as well as additional sat/surround speakers for complete surround sound.


  • Audiophile-quality drivers
  • Veneer finish and custom lengths available
  • Easy-mount installation
  • Fully engineered MDF enclosure
  • AcoustiPerf metal grill
  • Acoustic suspension
  • Compact, two-way design