Yamaha MTX Series MTX5-D Matrix Processor

  • 8ch mic/line input and 8ch analog output
  • 16ch YDIF digital I/O
  • 16ch Dante digital I/O
  • 1x MY Card slot
  • SD Card Slot for playback


The Heart of Your Sound Solution

Designed primarily for multi-zone commercial installations, MTX Series matrix processors are equipped with flexible processing functions that are essential to a wide variety of applications such as retail stores, restaurant/bars or banquet rooms. Responsible for the primary processing functions at the heart of your system’s design, MTX processors

 allow you to configure, program, and manage your entire sound solution via the intuitive interface of the accompanying MTX Editor software application. The series is comprised of two models with varying DSP capacities and expansion capabilities, allowing MTX processors to meet the demands of a truly impressive range of commercial environments.


Lots of function to One unit

Lots of function to One unit

An Intuitive Graphical Interface for Sound System Design

There are two design software applications available for use with the MTX/MRX Series.


ProVisionaire Design is a comprehensive Windows software application that allows intuitive sound design when using compatible Yamaha products. It is perfect for designing systems that utilize Yamaha products such as the MTX/MRX Series, the XMV Series, Rio/Tio interfaces, and ADECIA solutions. ProVisionaire Design can also be combined with the ProVisionaire Control computer application, allowing integrated control of all aspects of a project, from system design and configuration to everyday operation and management.



The MTX-MRX Editor is a software application that can be used to construct sound systems with the MTX/MRX Series or the XMV Series. It allows control of sound systems to suit the environments and applications of multiple different areas, including delivery of music and vocal audio tailored to the specific needs of each area, and timer-triggered automated music playback and announcements.


Yamaha provides a wide range of remote control options

Yamaha provides a wide range of remote control options

From a customer perspective, the ability to access simple control of their audio system is crucial, no matter how sophisticated that system is. For this reason, Yamaha provides a wide range of remote control options. These include simple DCP wall panels with wireless equivalents that can operate from an iOS or Android phone or tablet. Then, there is more sophisticated MCP1 programmable wall mount controller, PGM1 advanced paging station microphone and the fully customizable ProVisionare Touch and ProVisionaire Control Apps for iOS tablets and Windows devices respectively.

Mixing capabilityMixing channelsMixing Channel : 16 Mono + 3 Stereo + 2 Effect Return + 8 Direct-in to Matrix
Input channel functionsMono CH : 3-band PEQ, Comp, Gate, Auto Gain Control, Feedback suppressor (available in ch 1-8)
Output channel functionsRoom Delay, Room EQ, Speaker Processor, X-Over (1way,2way), Delay, 6-band PEQ, Limiter
I/OPhantom power+48V
General specifications
Internal processingPriority Ducking, Ambient Noise Compensator
Sampling frequency rateInternal48kHz/ 44.1kHz
Signal delayLess than 3.0ms (AD-DA @48kHz)
Total harmonic distortionLess than 0.05% (+4dBu, Gain:-6dB), Less than 0.1% (+4dBu, Gain:+66dB)
Frequency response20Hz to 20kHz, +0.5dB, -1.5dB
Dynamic range107dB (Gain:-6dB)
Hum & noise levelEquivalent input noise-60dBu (Gain:+66dB), -83dBu (Gain:-6dB)
Heat dissipation55.9kcal/h max
Power requirementsAC100V-240V 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption65W
DimensionsW480mm (18.9″)
H88mm (3.4″)
D351mm (13.9″)
Net weight6.3kg (13.9lbs)
OthersMemory bank : PRESET 50