Yamaha RM-CR Remote Conference Processor

Signal processor at the heart of the ADECIA

  • Standard network audio support for “Dante”; all compatible devices can be connected with single network cable
  • Automatically recognizes connected devices on the same network for audio routing
  • Equipped with the Auto Tuning functions that automatically measure and provide the optimum sound settings for the environment
  • Equipped with the Auto Mixer functions that automatically mix the audio of all connected microphones
  • Equipped with various Input/Output connections such as USB, VoIP,, analog, and Bluetooth



Standard network audio support for Dante—all compatible devices can be connected with single network cable

Uses the Dante audio network standard for audio transmission between devices. Audio/control signals can be transmitted via a single network cable. The RM-CR Remote Conference Processor performs voice line settings and detailed adjustments automatically, which easily resolves several difficult problems associated with troublesome wiring, establishing network environments, and optimizing acoustics for each room environment.

Power supply uses the PoE method, enabling power to be supplied via a network cable

Power supply uses the PoE method. Together with the RM-CG Ceiling Array Microphone and Dante/PoE-compatible VXL Series Model P line array speakers, the RM-CR uses power supplied from the PoE-compatible SWR2311P-10G network switch via a network cable, sparing you any worry about compatibility with various devices.

Automatically recognizes connected devices on the same network for audio routing

All it takes is a click in your web browser. The setup wizard automatically performs audio routing in your system. This minimizes the enormous amount of time required for adjustment, and can be easily set without knowledge or experience of acoustics.

Equipped with Auto Tuning functions to automatically measure and provide the optimum sound settings for the environment

By automatically recognizing devices connected to the same network as the RM-CR, analyzing the acoustic environment of the room where it is installed and the state of any installed speakers, and automatically optimizing the parameters of signal processing technology, etc., the Auto Tuning function adjusts for optimum sound that makes hearing and speaking easy.

Equipped with Auto Mixer functions to automatically optimize the mixing balance of audio input via Dante

Equipped with Auto Mixer functions that allow you to select either gain-sharing type* or gate type, enabling input level balance to be actively adjusted from each microphone.

*Gain-sharing type does not require complicated settings such as threshold level, attack time, or hold time.

Equipped with various input/output connections such as USB, VoIP, analog, and Bluetooth, compatible with diverse applications

Equipped with various interfaces such as USB, Bluetooth®, and audio input/output, the system can be used not only for web conferencing but also for other remote conferencing applications such as video conferencing and conference calls. As it’s compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS and Android, there are no restrictions on the web conferencing system used. Remote communication solutions can be constructed in combination with any OS, device, or teleconferencing system.


Follow the setup wizard on your web browser and with just a few clicks it will automatically adjust the audio according to your system’s audio routing and room environment. This minimizes the enormous amount of time required for adjustment, and can be easily set without knowledge or experience of acoustics.

Settings screen: Password, network, region, peripherals, SIP, and Bluetooth settings can be changed here.

Audio screen: Input/output can be checked and auto tuning can be carried out here. (Manual setting (or detailed setting) of signal processing parameters is not supported as of February 2020. This will be supported at a later date.)

Tools screen: Firmware can be updated and device information can be checked here. Firmware updates can be carried out not only for the RM-CR itself, but also for connected RM series firmware. Save/recall settings and log settings can also be changed on the Tools screen.


No specialized programming skills are required. An intuitive interface makes it easy to create faders for volume control and mute on/off of RM-CR. And position photographs or other graphic elements on the tablet screen as required to create original control panels that are ideally suited to conference audio controls. In addition, ProVisionaire Touch and ProVisionaire Control can control the MRX series processor and other Yamaha Pro Audio equipment. It is easy to combine those parameters onto the one screen. ProVisionaire Control and MRX7-D can control 3rd party networked equipment using commands of Ethernet protocols, UDP, or/and TCP.

DimensionsW 215 mm × D 260 mm × H 44 mm
Weight1.6 kg
Supported OSWindows 11, Windows 10 (32 bit/64 bit), Windows 8.1 (32 bit/64 bit), macOS 12, macOS 11, macOS 10.15
Power RequirementsPoE+ (IEEE 802.3at, LLDP), DC 48 V
Maximum Power Consumption15.0 W
ConnectorRJ 45, USB, XLR balanced, RCA
In OperationTemperature0 – 40 ℃
Humidity30 % – 90 % (No condensation)
StorageTemperature-20 – 60 ℃
Humidity20 % – 90 % (No condensation)
IndicatorPower Indicator, Status Indicator, Bluetooth Indicator, Network Port Indicator (x3)
MountTable Mount, Rack Mount
Maximum Device Number with RM-CR
AccessoriesInstallation Manual, USB Cable (A-B) 5 m (16.4 ft), USB Cable (A-micro B) 1 m (3.3 ft), 4x Rubber foot, Access Panel
OptionsRM-MTL: Table Mount Kit, RM-MRK: Rack Mount Kit
Network Specifications
Ether1Dante Audio/Dante Control, Remote Control, WebUI, PoE+
Ether2/Ether3Corporate Network, Remote Control, SIP, Web UI
USBUSB2.0, Network Class, Web UI, Fixed IP
Audio Specifications
Audio I/ODante16in/16out
USBUSB2.0, Audio Class 1.0, Input: 2 ch, Output: 2 ch @48 kHz
Mic InputXLR balanced, Input 2 ch
AUXRCA unbalanced (Line Level), Input: 2 ch, Output: 2 ch
Speaker OutRCA unbalanced (Line Level), Output: 2 ch
BluetoothVersionBluetooth 4.2
Supported ProfilesHFP (1.6), A2DP, AVRCP
Supported CodecCVSD, SBC, mSBC
Wireless OutputClass2
Maximum Communication Distance10 m (32.8 ft) (no obstacles)
Radio Frequency (Operational Frequency)2,402 to 2,480 MHz
Maximum Output Power (EIRP)4.0 dBm (2.5 mW)
SIPCall HandlingDial, Answer, Hold, Resume, Forwarding, Do not disturb, Call ID, Voice Mail Notifications (switch configured)
Call BridgingSupports Bridging SIP, USB, BT and AUX Calls. Join, Split, Hold, Resume, 5+1 Lines: Up to 2 SIP calls, 1 USB call, 1 Bluetooth Call, 1 AUX, plus the user
CodecsG.711, G.722HD, G.729ab, G.726
DTMF SupportRTP event, SIP in-band, SIP info package
SecuritySRTP Support (RFC 1889), IETF SIP support(RFC 3261 and companion RFCs)
Sampling Rate48 kHz
Bit Depth24 bit
Latency8 [ms] (Dante In to USB Out, includes signal processing)
Frequency Response20 Hz – 20 kHz