IWS In-Wall Pre-Amp

Earthquake’s new IWS Stereo Balanced In-Wall Pre-amp packs flexibility, power, and control all into one small and very discrete package. The IWS was designed to receive an input signal from the front panel 3.5mm line input and send it to the BTA-250 (sold separately) for amplification via a CAT5/6 cable. Through the use of a Cat 5/6 cable, the IWS will utilize Earthquake’s HVBT (High Voltage Balanced Transport™) to send power and signal over Ethernet making the BTA-250 virtually immune to input signal noise.

The IWS can be powered by a CP2425 12–24VDC power supply (sold separately) that can either be plugged into the front panel or hard wired to the phoenix connector on the back of the unit. Designed to fit into most standard single-gang junction boxes, the IWS can be easily installed into any new or pre-existing constructions (homes, bars, restaurants, garages, hotel rooms, etc.). It will make listening to your favorite music or movies in any room possible.

*Note: Earthquake uses a proprietary CAT 5/6 port configuration and is available upon request.


2-Channel Balanced Output Pre-amp
Cat 5/6 PoE + Signal
Up to 200ft Noise-Free Audio
Mulit-Room Solution
High Voltage Balanced Transport™
Works With Earthquake BTA-250 In-Wall Amplifier
Input: 3.5mm Stereo Line In
12–24VDC Power Input
Output: 4 Volts Balanced
Power Range: 12–24VDC
S/N: 105dBA
Easy Installation