Severtson Impression Series Fixed Frame Projector Screen


  • 3.25″ deluxe, velvet-wrapped frame.
  • Optically-coated or acoustic materials.
  • Eligible for custom build program.


The Impression Series is a collection of fixed frame projection screens designed for specialized applications: including 3D, behind-screen sound systems, ambient light environments, and more. They are an ideal choice for home theaters, venues, conference rooms, and other applications where a permanent projection screen is desired.


Bring world-class projection materials to your home or office with an Impression Series fixed frame projection screen. Severtson Screens specializes in optical coatings and acoustic materials that take your viewing experience to the next level of performance. The Impression Series is designed from top to bottom to be the perfect permanent home or office projection screen. From its hassle-free assembly to its signature USA-made projection surfaces, the Impression Series is a reflection of the excellence and elegance Severtson Screens strives for.


The Impression Series offers an elegant, velvet-wrapped frame that can be paired with any of the signature high-end materials and coatings that Severtson is famous for. Each Impression screen is custom-made to fit your needs.These screens can be assembled quickly and easily, thanks to the Severtson Flex RTS: Rod Tensioning System. In this system the edges of the screen material are seamed and notched to allow rods to be inserted through all four edges of the material. This allows the material to be easily secured to the frame to keep the viewing surface tensioned and perfectly flat.