Stealth Acoustics Outdoor Speaker Stingray 8


Stealth’s StingRay 8 environmental outdoor speaker is completely hermetically sealed and fully immune to the elements, including rain, snow, ice or particulates. There are no grills, no openings, allowing it to even operate underwater. The StingRay 8 and has an Ingress Protection rating (IEC IP rating) of IP-68, meaning it exceeds the top standard IP rating (IP-67) and has been certified for a minimum of 64 hours underwater at 1 meter depth. It’s no wonder that the StingRay has become a key audio system speaker in some of the worlds most impressive Yachts.


Type2-way Full Range
Frequency Response45hz to 18khz
Power Capacity160 watts RMS
Recommended Power80 watts (Min)
Protection2 independent self-resetting devices (LF and HF)
Sensitivity83 dB
System Impedance8Ω nominal
Polar Dispersion170 degrees horizontal & vertical
Width20-7/8” (530 mm)
Height14-3/4” (374 mm)
Depth3-7/8” (98 mm)
Weight15 lbs. (7 kg) – each
HF DriverOne 1” (30 mm) neodymium motor
MF Driver
LF Driver1 (25 mm) voice coil, 8″ (203 mm) woofer Ceramic 20 oz. (622 gr) magnet
CrossoverPassive 2-way

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