Earthquake SUB-80X is the market value performance leader. No other subwoofer gives so much bass and punch in this class. Everything superfluous is cut away and all resources concentrated on the most important, namely Bass – hard-hitting, detailed, and in massive quantities. Even with its incredibly low price, the SUB-80 is built right with strong quality components all the way through.

With its compact and rational design, this subwoofer absolutely does not compromise on sound quality. It has surplus and control even under hard and continuous operation. To enhance bass output of the SUB-80X, it is fitted with an optimized front facing flared bass port and also features a down firing construction that uses the floor as an acoustic amplifier. The impressive performance is complemented by a black ash finish that will fit in with any interior. The SUB-80X can fill the room with accurate musical bass and thundering sound effects. It offers versatile connectivity options and is compatible with all satellite speakers.