Yamaha Ceiling Speakers VC Series VC8NB / VC8NW

2-way system with 8-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter, no back can

  • Engineered for optimum BGM and voice reproduction
  • No back can low-profile design allows installation in limited ceiling spaces
  • Direct support for low-impedance or high-impedance connections


Six models, three with back cans and three without, offer compatibility with a wide range of installation needs. Models that do not have back cans are more lightweight and budget friendly, and include back covers that protect the speaker unit and circuitry from dust and moisture.

Yamaha VC Series: Versatile lineup for a variety of requirements

Reduced physical depth allows installation in ceilings and walls where space is limited.

Yamaha VC Series: Extremely Low-profile

Several aspects of VC Series design reflect a strong emphasis on functionality as well as aesthetics. Shallow, lightweight, and flexible design can easily adapt to the strictest installation limitations, ensuring superb audio performance wherever they’re placed without spoiling interior design.

Yamaha VC Series: Elegant design blends with any décor

Both high-impedance and low-impedance connections are supported, and speaker wattage can be easily switched even after installation. So not only can a large number of speakers be installed with a high-impedance connection, but also a large number of speakers can be installed with a low-impedance connection due to its 16-ohm capacity. And the need for additional unit is minimized and systems can be designed to ideally meet the requirements of any application.

Yamaha VC Series: High-impedance and low-impedance supported

The VC Series ceiling speakers feature low profile back cans, light weight, and mechanical features that contribute to significantly safer, faster installation. In addition, large mounting clamps with non-slip treads ensure secure mounting.

Yamaha VC Series: Safer, Faster Installation


  • Yamaha VC Series: Fast
Double threaded screws used for the speaker clamp mechanism allow the clamps to be tightened twice as fast as conventional screws.


  • Yamaha VC Series: Paintable
The supplied grilles can be painted any color to match interior decor.


  • Yamaha VC Series: Lightweight
Reduced weight increases installation flexibility while lessening the burden on installation personnel.


  • Yamaha VC Series: Portable
A built-in “carrying band” not only makes the speaker easy to carry around, but also increases safety when working on a stepladder. * VC8B, VC8W, VC6B, VC6W, VC4B, VC4W only

Speaker type2way Coaxial type (without backcan)
Frequency range (-10dB)52 Hz - 20 kHz (Half-space: 2π)
Nominal coverage110° conical (Half-space: 2π)
ComponentsLF8” Cone
HF1" Soft dome
Power ratingNOISE25 W
Nominal impedance16 Ω
Transformer taps100V12 W, 6 W, 3 W
70V12 W, 6 W, 3 W, 1.5 W
SPLSensitivity (1W; 1m on axis)91 dB SPL (Half-space 2π)
Peak (Calculated)111 dB SPL (Calculated, 1 m)
I/O connectorsPush terminal (WAGO 294 /2 pin) × 1, Wire size : Solid conductor Min. AWG18 (0.75 sq) / Max. AWG12 (3.5 sq), Standard conductor Min. AWG18 (0.75 sq) / Max. AWG14 (2 sq)
Protection circuitLoad protectionFull-range power limiting to protect network and transducers
FinishVC8NB: Black (approx. Munsell N3), VC8NW: White (approx. Munsell N9.3)
DimensionsDiameter325 mm (12 - 3/4")
D131 mm (5 - 1/8")
Net weight2.8 kg (6.2 lbs)
Cutout sizeØ285 mm (Ø11 - 1/4")
Required ceiling board thickness2 mm – 37 mm
AccessoriesC-Ring, Tile Rails x 2, Grille, Safety wire, Cutout template, Owner's Manual
PackagingSingle package
CertificateCE, RoHS