Yamaha Powered Loudspeaker DHR Series DHR10

The DHR10 is a 2-way bi-amp powered loudspeaker, equipped with a 10-inch woofer and a 1.4-inch HF driver, and perfect for use in fixed installations. Combining a 700W amplifier module and high-performance DSP with the same high-grade plywood construction found on Yamaha’s high-end DZR Series, the DHR10 offers best-in-class sound quality and durability.

  • Featuring a plywood cabinet that delivers a clear sound with minimal vibration
  • Plywood enclosure with a polyurea coating for a robust, scratch resistant surface
  • Compact appearance thanks to a 10-inch LF driver that provides excellent low frequency response
  • Can be installed in a horizontal or vertical configuration with a rotatable HF horn offering the flexibility needed for installation in a wide range of environments
  • Optional UB-DXRDHR10 U-bracket allows both for vertical or horizontal use
  • A pole socket for use on a stand
  • Rigging points for use with eye bolts
  • Proprietary FIR-X™ tuning, provides FIR filtering and corrective EQ, minimizing phase distortion


Cabinet designs optimized for a range of audio environments

The DHR Series features a comprehensive lineup optimized to meet the demands of specific applications. The 10” model is equipped with a rotatable HF horn and a dedicated UB-DXRDHR10 U-bracket for use in fixed installations and utility, while the 12” model is the first Yamaha speaker to feature a coaxial compression driver for improved clarity and smoother frequency response for floor monitoring. The series is rounded out by a 15” model featuring dual-angle pole sockets and rigging points for use in fixed installations or as temporary main speakers for sound reinforcement.

Yamaha DHR10: Rotatable HF Horn & Optional U-bracket (UB-DXRDHR10)

DHR10: Rotatable HF Horn & Optional U-bracket (UB-DXRDHR10)

Yamaha DHR12M: Coaxial Compression Driver

DHR12M: Coaxial Compression Driver

Yamaha DHR15: Rigging points for standard eye bolts

DHR15: Rigging points for standard eye bolts


Custom Designed Transducers

The high power output woofers deliver well-defined, powerful bass with minimal distortion, while the 1.4” precision compression driver* produces accurate mid-range and high frequencies.

* DHR12M features a 1.75” coaxial compression driver.

Yamaha DHR Series: LF & HF transducer (DHR15, DHR10)

LF & HF transducer (DHR15, DHR10)

Yamaha DHR Series: 1.75” coaxial compression driver (DHR12M)

1.75” coaxial compression driver (DHR12M)


A Rugged, Highly Portable Cabinet

The DHR series feature plywood enclosures like our acclaimed DZR loudspeakers to deliver outstanding durability and acoustic performance.

Yamaha DHR Series: A Rugged, Highly Portable Cabinet


Ultra-Precise DSP Processing for High-Definition Sound

All full range models feature Yamaha’s proprietary FIR-X tuning™ utilizing linear phase FIR* filters for the crossover network. FIR-X tuning™ simultaneously optimizes frequency and phase response while adjusting the time alignment between the HF and LF transducers. This creates a very smooth response around the crossover point, providing much better clarity and imaging than what is possible with typical crossovers.

All signals are precisely processed by a high-performance processor for high definition sound quality. All full-range models employ high-precision 24bit discrete A/D and D/A converters with superior S/N ratio and dynamic range.

* Finite impulse response

Yamaha DHR Series: Ultra-Precise DSP Processing for High-Definition Sound


Intelligent Dynamic Control for Consistent Clarity at Any Output Level

D-CONTOUR is an intelligent multi-band compressor that gives you powerful and consistent sound throughout all output levels. By constantly monitoring the output of multiple frequency bands and calculating the optimum EQ adjustments for each, even the maximum sound output maintains outstanding clarity and musicality. With the DHR Series, D-CONTOUR provides a more detailed tuning of your sound with two different settings: FOH/ MAIN mode or MONITOR mode. FOH/MAIN mode boosts low-frequency to compensate for low-end that is typically missing when speakers are used in suspended applications or mounted on a speaker stand. MONITOR mode is completely optimized for monitor application by intelligently taming down the low-frequency, smoothing out a wide range of frequency bands to give you stunning clarity for monitoring your sound. Both of these presets were perfected by performing countless listening tests with skilled sound engineers, giving you a multi-band compressor that performs dynamically, delivering consistent sound with low distortion at any output level.

Yamaha DHR Series: Intelligent Dynamic Control for Consistent Clarity at Any Output Level


Extensive DSP Protection Functions for Maximum Output

In a typical system comprising passive loudspeakers, power amps and signal processors, trying to set optimal parameters for each component can be a daunting task. One of the advantages of active loudspeakers is that the combination of transducers and amps can be perfectly optimized. During the development of the DZR, DXR mkII, DHR, DBR and DXS series, we measured and tested the durability of each transducer and the overall amp output through countless indoor and outdoor listening tests. Based on the test results, we were able to set the optimal limiter point for each model using precise DSP control.

In addition to the optimal limiting, our speakers employ many of the same protection functions used in our top-class PC-D Series professional power amplifiers. A microprocessor and high-power DSP monitor the status of the power supply, power amplifiers, transducers and ongoing signals to protect all aspects of each component. As a result, these speakers can perform to their full potential while ensuring reliable operation in even the most severe conditions.

Yamaha DHR Series: Extensive DSP Protection Functions for Maximum Output


High-Efficiency 1000W Class-D Amplifiers

The DHR’s lightweight, high performance Class-D amplifier is capable of producing up to 1000W* of power, achieving an SPL of 131 dB (DHR15), delivered with remarkable clarity and dynamic characteristics.

*DHR10 has an output level of 700W.

Yamaha DHR Series: High-Efficiency 1000W Class-D Amplifiers


Easy-to-use Onboard 2-Channel Mixer

DHR Series speakers have two input channels. CH1 has a combo jack which accepts both XLR and TRS Phone allowing for either Mic or Line level input signals. CH2 offers two input options; a combo jack that accepts XLR or TRS Phone, and a pair of RCA pin Jacks for input from CD players or other stereo line-level sources.

The onboard mixer allows you to select either CH1+2 MIX to mix the signal of CH1 and CH2, or CH1 THRU to pass the signal from CH1 only.

Yamaha DHR Series: Easy-to-use Onboard 2-Channel Mixer


Dual-Angle Pole Mount Socket (DHR15)

Depending on the venue, sometimes your mix can fall prey to low ceilings or other room attributes that can impede a clear, even mix and detract from the audiences’ listening experience significantly. The DHR15’s pole mount socket offers two positions – 0° or -7° – to direct the acoustic energy away from reflective surfaces and on to your audience where it belongs.

Yamaha DHR15: Dual-Angle Pole Mount Socket

Speaker type2-way, Bi-amped Powered Speaker, Bass-reflex
Frequency range (-10dB)52 Hz – 20 kHz
Coverage areaH90゚ x V60゚ (Rotatable)
Crossover1.9 kHz: FIR-X tuning™ (linear phase FIR filter)
Maximum Output Level (Measured peak, IEC noise@1m)128 dB SPL
ComponentsLFDiameter: 10″ cone, Voice Coil: 2″, Magnet: Ferrite
HFDiaphragm: 1.4″, Type: 1″ throat compression driver, Magnet: Ferrite
Amplifier classClass-D
Power ratingDynamic700 W (LF: 500 W, HF: 200 W) *1
Continuous325 W (LF: 260 W, HF: 65 W)
CoolingFan cooling, 4 speeds
Power consumption60 W (1/8power), 18 W (Idle)
Power requirements100 V, 100-120 V, 220-240 V, 110/127/220 V (Brazil), 50/60 Hz
A/D D/A Converters24 bit 48 kHz Sampling
ProcessorsHPF: OFF, 100 Hz, 120 Hz, 24 dB/Oct.; D-CONTOUR: FOH/MAIN, MONITOR, OFF
I/O connectorsINPUT1: Combo x1, INPUT2: Combo x 1 + RCA pin x 2 (Unbalanced), OUTPUT: XLR3-32 x 1 (CH1 Parallel Through or CH1+CH2 Mix)
Cabinet materialPlywood
FinishDurable Polyurea Painting, Black
HandleTop x1
Pole socketΦ35 mm x1 (Bottom)
RiggingTop x 2, Rear x 1 (Fit for M10 x 30 – 50 mm Eyebolts)
Floor Monitor Angle
DimensionsW305 mm (12.0″)
H494 mm (19.5″) (with rubber feet)
D300 mm (11.8″)
Net weight15.0 kg (33.1 lbs)
OptionsU-bracket: UB-DXRDHR10