Control4 Square Wired Configurable Keypad V2

The Control4® Square Wired Keypad combines beautiful aesthetics and flexible button configuration, providing a stunning user interface that elegantly controls any aspect of a Control4 system. Control lights, scene, music, security—the possibilities are endless. The keypad can be configured with two to seven buttons using four different button sizes for a total of 37 possible configurations. There’s no need to worry about how many buttons will be needed on a specific keypad prior to (or even after) installation. Commonly used in the European market and requires standard “UK style” square wall box (75mm x 75mm x 35mm).


Control4 Keypads provide a stunning interface for your Control4 Smart Home system, combining flexible button configuration with beautiful aesthetics to complement the decor of your home. With the simple press of a button, you can activate a scene, allowing events to happen simultaneously.

  • Can include 1-6 LED backlit engraved buttons in various combinations. The bottom button can also include up and down volume arrows. Four different button sizes allow for a total of 38 possible configurations.
  • Mix-and-match engraved buttons and sleek, screwless faceplates with nine stylish colors and gloss and satin finishes.
  • Buttons allow for quick control of your favorite scenes. For example, a “Goodnight” button can be configured to shut off all the lights, lock the doors and arm the alarm, all at once.
Programmable buttons2-7 depending on configuration
Button LED feedbackOne RGB status LED per button
Power requirements48VDC
Maximum power consumption1.2W
Minimum power consumption0.7W
Recommended wiringSee “Keypad Bus Wiring Guide” document
Humidity5% to 95% non-condensing
Storage-4˚F ~ 158˚F (-20˚C ~ 70˚C)
Operational temperature32˚F ~ 104˚F (0˚C ~ 40˚C)
Control communicationsRS-485
Weight0.1 lb. (0.045 kg)
Shipping weight0.3 lb. (0.14 kg)
Available accessories
Square Device Keypad Button Kit (C4-CKSK-xx)WH, SW, BL, MB, AU
Square Device Rocker Button Kit (C4-CKSR-xx)WH, SW, BL, MB, AU
Square Faceplate (C4-SFP1-xx)WG, BG, WH, LA, IV, BR, BL, SW, MB, BI, AU, SN, SS, VB, CH, MS
Square Dual Faceplate (C4-SFP2-xx)WH, BL, SW, MB, AU
Square Trim Ring (C4-SSTR-xx)WH, BL, SW, MB, AU
Square Dual Trim Ring (C4-SDTR-xx)WH, BL, SW, MB, AU
Engraved Button, Single High (C4-EBD1H-xx)WH, LA, IV, BR, BL, SW, MB, BI, AU
Engraved Button, Double High (C4-EBD2H-xx)WH, LA, IV, BR, BL, SW, MB, BI, AU
Engraved Button, Triple High (C4-EBD3H-xx)WH, LA, IV, BR, BL, SW, MB, BI, AU
Engraved Button, Rocker (C4-EBDR-xx)WH, LA, IV, BR, BL, SW, MB, BI, AU